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Security Services has always delivered cost effective solutions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any business who are in need of a full range of physical security solutions.

David Lownds, Hanley Economic Building Society

We have had one of your alarm systems for the last 18 years and you have always provided first class service.

Mr Mayall, Telford, Shropshire

They installed both our intruder alarm and fully functional CCTV system and now continue to maintain both systems in an efficient and thoroughly competent manner

Vernon Hogg, Managing Director

Engineering standards are excellent and they meet the challenge of working in our historic buildings very well. Overall the company supports the National Trust consistently well

Dominic Pearson, Security Specialist. National Trust UK


Discreet camera options available

View live images from your Television

...or any Mobile Device

Homeowners can now avail themselves of a wide variety of surveillance systems at a very reasonable cost. Home CCTV systems are now extremely popular and have become an everyday addition to the household’s security measures. Whether you want an obvious outdoor visible deterrent or prefer something more unobtrusive, our team can advise you on the ideal system for the areas that you need to be covered. We can install them indoors too, so that a child’s room, garage, conservatory or other space can be easily monitored.


Our CCTV cameras can be connected to a TV screen allowing the occupant to view the area at the click of a button. There’s also the added benefit of wireless technology which provides the convenience of viewing all areas covered by the system remotely, via a laptop or mobile device. And for further peace of mind, all footage can be stored on a hard drive, giving you the reassurance that should something happen whilst you’re away, you’ll have a visual record to refer to.


By utilising equipment you already own, CCTV monitoring has never been so easy or so affordable, and will complement and enhance its partner in crime … the intruder/burglar alarm.


Being on TV isn’t really a big deal, but when it comes to home security and protecting your family and possessions, recovering property, or tracing someone involved in criminal activity at your property, a well-planned CCTV system can help to bring that particular screen star to justice.


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